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THOMPSON TWINS – into the gap

Hello and welcome back… One of the biggest albums from the 80s would have been from this band. Thompson twins was named after the detectives in the comic series “tintin” ( one of my favorite comics when i was a young lad )..and released this album in 1984 where it went no1 in the U.K.
For me , i found it hard to get into this album, it was different.. with more percussion than synth, but with heavy playing on “mtv” & “countdown” it grew on me. Band members Tom Bailey ( no relation to me..” i wish ” ) and Alannah Currie with Joe Leeway set the scene to this album with songs like “you take me up”, “sister of mercy”, “hold me now” and “doctor doctor” which is my pick of the album with its classic beeps of synth and lyrics you can sing to, its a classic 80s feel good song. Another thing feel good.. Tom and Alannah got married and are living in New Zealand.. Another happy ending.
Track listings are =

1 = doctor doctor

2 = you take me up

3 = day after day

4 = sister of mercy

5 = no peace for the wicked

6 = the gap

7 = hold me now

8 = storm on the sea

9 = who can stop the rain

An 80s classic … CLICK TO DOWNLOAD album… Massive thanks to for the links ( make sure you thank him when you download.. he is a legend ) .. cheers

ANIMOTION – obsession ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back… Nothing says 80s than this band, classic synths, cheesy lyrics and bad hair. Animotion had a few hits but none as big as this 1984 song – obsession. Formed in California, the video was shot next a swimming pool ( original ) and singers were in fancy dress ( roman )… must have been something in the water because the lead female singer ( Astrid plane ) ended up marring the bass player and is now happily married with a daughter.. love a nice ending. Other songs not so big were “let him go”, “i want you” and “engineer”.. Brilliant bit of 80s that. enjoy

ANIMOTION – obsession

ANIMOTION – let him go

ANIMOTION – i want you

ANIMOTION – engineer

Brilliant… CLICK HERE to download ” the best of “… Massive thanks to for the link.. cheers


Hello and welcome back… After the success of my recent post SOUNDS LIKE THE 80S i thought i would continue with some more amazing music to discover… I think alot of the electronic music of today draws inspiration from 80s bands like human league, depeche mode and new order and more.. But sadly some bands have never been discovered .. Untill now.  Enjoy

1 = WOLF GANG – king and all of his men……… to me, sounds like the cure

album soon to be released

2 = FM ATTACK – hot girlz in love ……….. to me, sounds like erasure ( love the 80s clip )

download album

3 = ERIC PRYDZ – call on me ……. to me, sounds like Steve Winwood (little old but love the video)

download video

4 = ASHBURY HEIGHTS – spiders ……….to me, sounds like dead or alive

CLICK HERE to download album ( 2 cd )

5 = GRAFTON PRIMARY – hold her … me, sounds like gary newman, the cure

CLICK HERE to download album ( zip format.. unzip into folder when done )

6 = ELKE – blue dream lover ………….to me, sounds like new order


7 = CUT COPY – need you now ……………. to me, sounds like new order ,the Venetians

DOWNLOAD album …( click regular banner, enter words, download )

8 = FM ATTACK – yesterday …………… to me, sounds like koo de tah ( think body talk )

See previous fm attack video for album download

9 = VON IVA – birds of prey ….to me, sounds like human league ( band from “yes man”)

10 = SEPTEMBER – midnight heartache….. to me, sounds like Kim carnes

An amazing mix of music.. remember, if you like what you hear, go out and buy the album … support the artists.. Keep checking back as i find new links i will add them under the videos… cheers

INXS – the swing

Hello and welcome back…Probability one of the biggest albums to come from the 80s… Everyone had a copy of this album in their collection, Either cassette or vinyl ( cassette came out on chromium dioxide = crisp sound ).. Let loose in 1984 “the swing” shot to no1 in Australia and remained in the charts for the next 2 years, meanwhile overseas it remained unknown… For me , this is one of my most loved albums of the 80s, with songs like “original sin” , “i send a message”, “dancing on the jetty”, “burn for you” and “love is what i say” which is my pick of the album.. Love the dreamy synths and that voice of Michael Hutchence. If i close my eyes, i am taken back to 34c days, swimming in my neighbours pool with the radio on 2SM and “love is what i say” blasting out of the speakers.. Pure bliss. From start to finish this is a 10/10 album. Enjoy.
Track listings are =

1 = original sin

2 = melting in the sun

3 = i send a message

4 = dancing on the jetty

5 = the swing ( live – not on album )

6 = Johnson’s aeroplane

7 = love is  (what i say)

8 = face the change ( live – not on album )

9 = burn for you

10 = all the voices

Simply brilliant… CLICK HERE to download album.. Massive thanks to for the links .. cheers

FICTION FACTORY – feels like heaven ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back… Fiction factory blended moody lyrics and dreamy synths in this beautiful song.. A Scottish band from Perth created this hit in 1984 ( reached no6 in the U.K ) and was from the album “throw the warped wheel out”. For me personally, i cant get enough of this song and even today it still sounds fresh and meaningful. They don’t make music like this anymore… Enjoy.

FICTION FACTORY – feels like heaven

A lost classic… CLICK HERE to download album .. HUGE thanks to for the links. cheers


Hello and welcome back… Probability one of stock, aitken and waterman’s biggest prodigy’s.. “Kylie Minogue” was the cute girl next door heading for stardom. As an early neighbour’s fan i knew Kylie as “Charlene”.. the fresh faced babe in love with scott ( Jason Donavon ). Kylie’s self named album was born with the song “the loco-motion” as the main hit, .but also had other’s including “i should be so lucky”,” got to be certain” and my pick of the album…” je ne sais pas pourquoi” ( i don’t know why – english translation )..with Kylie singing in french this is one of my favourite songs… so beautiful.
Track listing are =

 1 = i should be so lucky

2 = the loco-motion

3 = je ne sais pas pourquoi

4 = it’s no secret

5 = got to be certain

6 = turn it into love

7 = i miss you

8 = i’ll still be loving you

9 = look my way

10 = love at first sight

Excellent album… CLICK HERE to download album… Huge thanks to for the links … cheers

FOX THE FOX – precious little diamond ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back… Combine silky smooth lyrics and funky synths and you have “fox the fox”. A one hit wonder from the dutch band saw the song “precious little diamond” go to no5 in the U.S charts in 1984. Just can’t get enough of this song.. love it.

 FOX THE FOX – precious little diamond 

Smooth… CLICK HERE to download single & remixes ( make a note of the password on the nrrules website ) Massive thanks to for the link.. cheers

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