an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… “Depeche mode” gets serious, basically that’s what this album means.. gone are the boppy synths and replaced with more moody, darker synths. I used to hear “enjoy the silence” alot on triple j and the song “personal Jesus” got heaps of airplay on the tv show “Beverly hills 90210”.
The “Violater” album was let loose in 1989 and scored the hits “world in my eyes”, “policy of truth”, “personal Jesus” and “enjoy the silence” which is my pick of the album.. love the punchy beats and edgy synths. This album went on to sell 15 million copies and in my view, one of “Depeche Mode’s” best.
Track listings are =
1 = world on my eyes

2 = sweetest perfection

3 = personal jesus

4 = halo

5 = waiting for the night

6 = enjoy the silence

7 = policy of truth

8 = blue dress

9 = clean

An excellent album… CLICK HERE to download… Huge thanks to for the links.. cheers

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