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KIM WILDE – singles collection

Hi and welcome back… A good friend commented the other day about this site saying that he thought it lacked a sexy vibe.. “Put someone hot” on your site, he stated… so it got me thinking, who’s from the 80s, sing well and looks “hot”… then it came to me, “Kim Wilde”. When “kids in America” came out in 1981 … i was in love, i was only 11 but she was amazing,and her voice was something else, throughout the 80s Kim kept going with “keep me hanging on” and later had “love is holy” ( 90s ) and i think she is still singing to this day. I was lucky enough to see her live a few years ago and yes, she still is amazing. One song not on the compilation is a b side called “stone” which i think should be a single and will add the video below ( it was b side to “keep me hanging on” .. i think )… so to Steve, one of my readers.. enjoy.
 Track listings are =
1 = kids in america

2 = chequered love

3 = water on glass ( live ).. not on album

4 = cambodia

5 = view from a bridge

6 = child come away

7 = love blond

8 = the second time

9 = rage to love

10 = keep me hanging on

STONE – live … ( not on album .. should be )

11 = another step

12 = you came

YOU CAME 2006 VERSION ( wow ) – not on album

13 = never trust a stranger

14 = four letter word

15 = love is holy

16 = if i can’t have you

17 = in my life

Absolutely stunning … CLICK HERE to download album and CLICK HERE for the “close” album ( the song “stone” is on it ) … huge thanks to for the links.. cheers


Hello and welcome back – 2 things make this album stand out, firstly it took only 2 days to complete from start to finish, secondly side A was all one song made into 5 parts.After finishing Electric dreams for the movie of the same name these two giants of the synth world decided that they should do a album together and although it only took a few days,this is one of those albums that is excellent from start to finish. This is another album i found at my local library and instantly fell in love with its sound of heavy syths and the great voice of Philip Oakey. Let loose in 1985 the album had the hit “electric dreams”,”brand new love” and my pick of the album “goodbye bad times”, its a happy song full of synth goodness and creamy vocals.
Track listings are =

1 = why must the show go on

2 = in transit ( instrumental )

3 = goodbye bad times

4 = brand new love

5 = Valarie

6 = now

7 = together in electric dreams

8 = be my lover now

9 = shake it up

A 80s classic…. CLICK HERE to download the album ( remastered and expanded ) full of goodies.. huge thank you to for the link.. enjoy


Hi again … For those fantstic people out there who just can’t get enough of the 80s … i have a new website = 
Its a trip back in time to remember what we were watching on our televisions back in the 80s including movies, sitcoms and lots more.. It even has add breaks… May the 80’s never fade.   

BOYS DON’T CRY – i wanna be a cowboy ( lost hit )

Hi and welcome back…. I wonder if anyone can remember the name of teds horse?… His name is d.d.d..trigger, of course… “Boys don’t cry” had nothing to do with the band “the cure” ( song with same name ) if fact they got their name from the song “i’m not in love” by 10cc.. the part being “be quiet, big boys don’t cry”. This 1986 song is about a cowboy named ted and his adventures with dirty women and his horse,trigger which is a daydream while lying in the bath. Its a funny song and is meant to look similar to the spaghetti westerns of yesteryear, not only that but his girlfriend on the record cover seems to have lost her top.. Maybe trigger could find it.. He was a good horse.

Excellent song … CLICK HERE  to download the 12″ version … Enjoy

MILLI VANILLI – all or nothing ( U.S. remix album )

Hello again… When prince sang the song ” controversy ” it could have been about this band. The rise and fall of Milli Vanilli captured the media’s attention worldwide in late 1988.. To me i didn’t really care who sang the the songs , it was just good catchy dance music. The band was fronted by two models/dancers  named Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan ( rob & fab ) and were perfect for the job except for one thing, they didn’t actually sing on the album. Then when the media found out , all hell broke loose..Customers were screaming ” refund ” while the band had to hand back the grammy award they had won, but were allowed to keep their American Music Awards. I myself loved their music and after hearing what had happened, i thought it was petty to ask for a refund.. It was about the music. Sadly in 1998 Rob Pilatus was found dead from accidental overdose. The album “all or nothing” was remixed in 1989 and includes all the hits including “blame it on the rain”,”baby-don’t forget my number” and “i’m gonna miss you” which is my pick of the album, i love its soft melodies and easy to sing lyrics.. it takes me back to a special time in my life..The videos below are not remix versions, no videos were made for these.. .Track listings are =

1 = blame it on the rain

2 = more than you will ever know

3 = take it comes

4 = it’s your thing

5 = dreams to remember

6 = all or nothing

7 = baby, don’t forget my number

8 = i’m gonna miss you

9 = girl, you know its true

So many memories.. love it.. CLICK HERE to download album.. huge thanks to for the link… enjoy

PH D – wont let you down ( lost hit )

Hi again… This song is one of those songs that when i close my eyes it takes me back to my nans house at 3am… I used to listen to the radio all night because i was too scared or too exited at being in a lonely old house so i would lay awake all night and would often hear this song. The band PH D got their name from the band members last names ( phillips, hymas and diamond ) and the single “i wont let you down” was released in 1982. The lead singer Jim Diamond ended with hepatitis and soon split from the band but later went solo and sang the song “should have known better” in 1984. The assassin in the video of “i wont let you down” is the keyboard player Tony Hymas and is quiet funny at times.. bit like a storyline.

PH D – i wont let you down

JIM DIAMOND – should have known better

Excellent songs … CLICK HERE to download album PH D … enjoy

INSPIRAL CARPETS – this is how it feels ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back…. I remember laying in hospital in late 1989 and listening to Saturday night requests on radio JJJ.. I instantly love the soft tune with the beating drum in the background.. very catchy. The band “Inspiral Carpets” came from Manchester ( Oldham ) in the U.K. and got their name from a clothing shop in Oldham.. To me this song sounds quietly psychedelic and is a refreshing change from heavy electronic bands of that time. The video of this song looks like it was positively freezing at the time of shooting as the drummer and guitarist look like they want to be somewhere warm and the lead singer badly needs a chapstick.

INSPIRAL CARPETS – this is how it feels

Beautiful song …. CLICK HERE to download song .. enjoy

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