an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… After the success of my recent post SOUNDS LIKE THE 80S i thought i would continue with some more amazing music to discover… I think alot of the electronic music of today draws inspiration from 80s bands like human league, depeche mode and new order and more.. But sadly some bands have never been discovered .. Untill now.  Enjoy

1 = WOLF GANG – king and all of his men……… to me, sounds like the cure

album soon to be released

2 = FM ATTACK – hot girlz in love ……….. to me, sounds like erasure ( love the 80s clip )

download album

3 = ERIC PRYDZ – call on me ……. to me, sounds like Steve Winwood (little old but love the video)

download video

4 = ASHBURY HEIGHTS – spiders ……….to me, sounds like dead or alive

CLICK HERE to download album ( 2 cd )

5 = GRAFTON PRIMARY – hold her … me, sounds like gary newman, the cure

CLICK HERE to download album ( zip format.. unzip into folder when done )

6 = ELKE – blue dream lover ………….to me, sounds like new order


7 = CUT COPY – need you now ……………. to me, sounds like new order ,the Venetians

DOWNLOAD album …( click regular banner, enter words, download )

8 = FM ATTACK – yesterday …………… to me, sounds like koo de tah ( think body talk )

See previous fm attack video for album download

9 = VON IVA – birds of prey ….to me, sounds like human league ( band from “yes man”)

10 = SEPTEMBER – midnight heartache….. to me, sounds like Kim carnes

An amazing mix of music.. remember, if you like what you hear, go out and buy the album … support the artists.. Keep checking back as i find new links i will add them under the videos… cheers

Comments on: "SOUNDS LIKE THE 80S – PART 2" (2)

  1. Great post , seems you've still got your finger on the pulse. I will check some of these out.

  2. thanks for the comment.. love this type of music.

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