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TALK TALK – the partys over

Hi and welcome back… This is another album i found at my local library in my teens, great blend of synths and electric drums and the magic voice of Mark Hollis.. Set free in 1982 the album had the same producer as Duran Duran’s first albums with that raw edginess before they went mainstream .Had a few hits of this album including “it’s so serious”, “today”, “talk talk” and “the party’s over” which is my pick of the album .. love its melodic synths and the driving beat.. This album was huge in south africa going to no1 in the music charts while it’s hometown U.K it only managed no23.. See the south africans know good music  : )
Track listings are =

 1 = talk talk

2 = it’s so serious

3 = today

4 = the party’s over

5 = hate

6 = have you heard the news? ( live.. not on album )

7 = mirror man

8 = another world

9 = candy

Brilliant album .. if you get the chance to see them live it’s well worth the effort…CLICK HERE to download album = click on slower download then enter code..then download..WATCH for pop ups , there really annoying.. cheers

THE TIMELORDS – doctor’n the tardis ( lost hits )

Hi and welcome back… The timelords ( time boy & lord rock ) were a novelty band that were better known as ” the klf “, aka “the jams” or “justified ancients of mu mu” … I am a huge fan of “the klf” ( Kopyright Liberation Front )  and have traveled 2.5 hours just to get their chill out album when it first came out ( that’s dedication for you ).Doctorin the tardis is a mash up song of the Dr Who theme and Gary glitters song = rock & roll part 2 and it was a huge song… went to no1 in the U.K. and no10 in Australia but it was also the car in the video that stole the limelight, named “ford timelord” it was a ford galaxy done up as a U.S police cruiser.. The video was shot at a RAF base (  yatesbury ) in Wiltshire , U.K. and cost around 8,000 pound to make.
My favourite songs of the klf would be “wichita lineman was a song i once heard” ( it puts chills up my spine ) and “last train to trancentral”.. both videos are below.. enjoy a little slice of heaven 🙂

THE TIMELORDS  – doctorin the tardis

THE KLF – wichita linesman was a song i once heard

THE KLF – last train to trancentral

Excellent stuff … CLICK HERE to download single of the timelords… CLICK HERE for “chill out” and “white room” albums by the klf.. BIG thank you to for the links… cheers

ABC – lexicon of love

Hello and welcome back… This album has a lot of meaning for me, do you ever hear a song and instantly you are taken to a place or time in your life.. this is one of those albums. When i was 13 i was lucky enough to go to my nans place and stay the weekend, mainly to give me a break from my siblings and also give my mother a break. I often never went to sleep at my nans … I was too excited and often lay awake and listen to the radio under my pillow, often hearing the song “all of my heart” as i would look out the window and see the twinkle of lights of the city of Campbelltown at 2am ( my nan lived on top of a hill ). And now when i hear this song “all of my heart” it often brings a tear to my eye as i remember my nan and of happier times… Miss you nan.
Track listing is =
1 = show me

2 = poison arrow

3 = many happy returns

4 = tears are not enough

5 = valentines day

6 = look of love

7 = date stamp

8 = all of my heart

9 = 4 ever 2 gether

10 = look of love ( part 4 )

An excellent and heartfelt album CLICK HERE to download… big thanks to for the link.. enjoy


Hello , welcome back… How do i introduce this next song ?? First time i heard this song i thought “what the hell is this?”.. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger join a band? .. no.. this was done by a chap called Steve Wright who was/is a broadcaster for BBC radio 1. This song was written
in two hours, start to finish, lyrics , music and all over an evening..Not bad for a catchy song.. love it.

GENERAL PUBLIC – tenderness ( lost hit )

Hi, welcome back … So… What would you little maniacs like to do first? Those are the words first spoken by the luscious Kelly Lebrock in the hit movie “weird science”. This movie has to be one of my favourite 80s movies and often the music that came with the movie was what made a movie huge.The one song that got my attention was at the end when Gary and Wyatt drop off their girlfriends next morning after the party and the song tenderness plays in the background… It makes me go fuzzy all over.. love it.

GENERAL PUBLIC  – tenderness


The funny thing is on the weird science soundtrack ( DOWNLOAD HERE ) the song “tenderness” was NOT on it… what were they thinking ??.. CLICK HERE for the single download of tenderness .. Big thank you to for the soundtrack download ( download both and add the lost song ).. cheers.

THE FIXX – stand or fall ( lost hit )

Hi again … This is one song that i cant get out of my head, “stand or fall” was off the album “shuttered room” and came out in 1982. Triple m in Sydney used to play “stand or fall” often but you don’t hear it now ( shame ).. The guitar riffs are brilliant and the smooth sounding synths make it a great song … also of this album is another hit called “red skies at night”.. both videos are below..cheers

THE FIXX – stand or fall

THE FIXX  – red skies at night


Hello again.. I have always been a big fan of the pet shop boys, I think their sound is very unique which shows on this album.This album follows a series of 12″ dance remix songs of various albums, this one comes from the album “please” and is similar to introspective although this album was released before introspective in 1986.My favorite track would be “in the night” with its pumping synths and meaty beats. As with introspective this album only has 6 tracks but is long enough so it doesn’t become boring as the songs go for 6-9 minutes.. Great album .. Track listings are =

 track 1 = in the night ( extended remix )

2 = suburbia ( the full horror remix )

3 = opportunities ( version latina )

4 = paninaro ( italian remix )

5 = love come quickly ( shep pettibone remix )

6 = west end girls ( shep pettibone disco mix )

Love their work CLICK HERE to download album .. big thanks to for the link… enjoy

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