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COLDCUT – doctorin’ the house ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. In the late 80s i was lucky enough to be old enough to visit nightclubs when the acid scene was just coming out… This song is one of the first songs i heard. Vocals on this song are done by Yazz ( think “only way is up” ) with snippets from the tv show “Plastic man”. This song made it to no6 in the music charts and stayed there for 4 weeks and was also on the compilation album “video hits”..
Classic acid with a pumping beat.. Love the 80s.

COLDCUT – doctorin’ the house

YAZZ – the only way is up.


Excellent music… CLICK HERE  
to download video hits1.. password = MAD_VH_One (copy and paste) … big thank you to for the links

CLICK HERE  to download 12″ “Yazz – only way is up” .. thanks to for the link… cheers.

ALPHAVILLE – forever young

Hello and welcome back…Ever now and then you stumble across an album that, from start to finish is a real treat.. This album is one of them.. Just about every song on this album is a musical journey and its one that never loses time. A friend of mine lent me a copy and i was hooked.. I had heard of the main song before “forever young” but it has a slather of other worthy songs like “big in japan”, “sounds like a melody”,” the jet set”, and “summer in Berlin” which is my pick of the album with its sweeping melody’s and frisky beats… I could almost close my eyes and imagine driving through the German country side in summer time. This album was let loose in 1984 and went to no 8 in the U.K and no 5 in Europe.. For me a 10/10 album..
Track listings are =

1 = A victory of love ( not original video ) ( thanks to TheRosePhantom for the video )

2 = Summer in Berlin ( Thanks again TheRosePhantom for brilliant work on the video )

3 = Big in Japan

4 = To Germany with love

5 = Fallen angel

6 = Forever young

7 = In the mood

8 = Sounds like a melody

9 = Lies

10 = The jet set

Simply Brilliant….CLICK HERE to download album..album is in zip format so create a folder for your files to unzip into…( once downloaded, right click and unzip into folder ) massive thanks to for the link.. cheers


Hello, and welcome back.. As a lover of 80s music and owner of a iPhone i have came across a app worth checking out.. Some 80s music sounds flat because the recording process ( mp3/aac ) but this app adds a vibrancy to your sounds.. called “EQU the quality equalizer ”  it adds equalization But it also has a surround type sound that really brings your music to life.. It sells for $2.99 and after trying about every app available, this one has replaced the normal music player on my player.. Worth every cent.. cheers.

Note = this post is my own view and i do not own or have anything to do with the owner of this terrific app.. I am a huge believer that if a product is of excellent quality then its worth spreading the word & no, i’m not getting paid for this. 

BALTIMORA – tarzan boy ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back… A fun song with a Tarzan call for a chorus is basically what this song is all about. Came out around 1985 and went under the banner of “italo disco”… also went to no 5 in the music charts in Italy, Germany & Denmark. Baltimora is actually a band with lead singer being Irish singer “Jimmy McShane” … Sadly jimmy died in 1995.. For me i love the cat noise at the end of the chorus .. funny stuff.. enjoy

 BALTIMORA – tarzan boy

AAHH the memorys… CLICK HERE to download single and remake versions.. massive thanxs to for the link.. cheers

ERASURE – pop 20 hits

Hello and welcome back… Fronted by one of the biggest legends in electronic music “Vince Clarke” ( in-case you have been sleeping under a rock.. Vince Clarke is also behind bands “depeche mode” and “yazoo” ), Erasure has been at the front of pioneering the best of synth music for several decades. “Vince” along with “Andy Bell” on vocals has had a slather of hits and this album captures the essence of who “Erasure” are. This album also went no1 in the U.K. and includes the hits like “oh l’amour”, “sometimes”, “you surround me”, “take a chance on me”( Abba remake ) and my pick of the album “drama”… with is moody synths and punchy beats its a track i simply never get tired of listening to.. enjoy
Track listing are =
 1 = who needs love like that

2 = heavenly action

3 = oh l’amour

4 = sometimes

5 = it doesn’t have to be

6 = victim of love

7 = the circus

8 = ship of fools

9 = chains of love

10 = a little respect

11 = stop

12 = drama

13 = you surround me

14 blue savannah

15 = star

16 = chorus

17 = love to hate you

18 = am i right

19 = breath of life ( my second pick of the album : ) )

20 = take a chance on me

21 = who needs love like that ( hamburg mix )

Simply Amazing… CLICK HERE to download… password =
A big thank you to for the link .. cheers

JEAN BEAUVOIR – feel the heat ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back… If you have seen the movie “Cobra” ( Sylvester Stallone ) you will recognize this song. As “cobra” rides away on his Harley you can hear this song leading into the end credits. “Feel the heat” was released in 1986 by American singer “Jean Beauvoir” and was off the album “drums along the Mohawk”. Jean was in the band “the plasmatics” before going solo.. Brilliant song.
Jean has a “facebook” page = CLICK HERE
Jean has a “myspace” page = CLICK HERE ( hear new songs )

JEAN BEAUVOIR – feel the heat

LOVE the mohawk… CLICK HERE to download album .. massive thanks to for the link … cheers

THE BEATMASTERS – anywayawanna

Hello and welcome back…. A tv commercial jingle is what started this band to release one of the best dance albums in the late 80s… Jammin  next to bands like “s-express”, “bomb the bass” and “coldcut”, “the beatmasters” had a funky style mixed with serious dance undertones. Set free in 1989, “anywayawanna” was a hit in the U.K reaching top 30 on the music charts and includes hits like “who’s in the house”, “hey dj/i can’t dance”, “burn it up”, “ska train” and my pick off the album “rok da house”( original mix ).. with its thumping beats and grooving piano’s, its a song i never get sick of listening to… A 10/10 album.  cheers
Track listings are =

1 = who’s in the house

2 = hey dj/ i can’t dance ( to that music your playing ) ft “Betty Boo”

3 = burn it up ( on the groove tip ) ( remix )

4 = warm love

5 = ska train

6 = rok da house ( w.e.f.u.n.k. ) mix

7 = make me feel

8 = don’t stop the beat

9 = midnight girl

10 = Sarayet-Sayam Sembtaé (Pt. 1)

11 = rok da house ( original )

12 = burn it up ( original mix ) ft PP Arnold

Funky tunes…. CLICK HERE to download… A big thank you to for the link… enjoy

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