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Hi and welcome back… I would consider this album to be one of the best recorded album of the 80s… Not only was it a full digital recording ( DDD ), it also had its own commercials in between each song & often adding special effects to give it a wow factor… simply brilliant. I heard the song “love missile f1-11” in 1986 while attempting to roller skate at my local roller rink… i say attempting as i ended with concussion every time from falling on my butt so many times. The special effects was done by synth player “Yana Ya Ya” and the band looked like something else which gave them a edge with lead singer being Tony James ( generation x – billy idol ).My favorite song would have to be “rocket miss u.s.a.” with pulsing beats and a sound to die for.. As dirty harry would say =  “go ahead make my day” … Sounds amazing on a good set of headphones.. Excellent. 10/10
Track listing is =
1 = love missile f1-11 ( uncensored version )

2 = atari baby

3 = sex bomb boogie

4 = rockit miss usa

5 = 21st century boy

6 = massive retaliation

7 = teenage thunder

8 = she’s my man

SORRY .. i couldn’t go past this.. Sigue Sigue Sputnik live – rocket miss usa… TURN IT UP .. YEEEAAAR

Amazing band … CLICK HERE  to download .. enjoy

SOLID CITIZENS – singing in the shower ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back … I thought i would post this lost hit, sadly this band never had an album ( that i know off ) after the success of the song ( singing in the shower ) on the takeaways – sweet and sour TV program in 1984 which the song was sung by Deborah Conway ( do-re’-mi ). The band solid citizens then made this single and was seen on countdown around the same time,soon after another single was released called “care at all”but it wasn’t as big as “singing in the shower” …ahhh the memories

singing in the shower

care at all

takeaways – sweet and sour

But … the band is back with a new single and website CLICK HERE  to view… hopefully they will make an album with old/new stuff … there is still hope : ) also check comments for link to 1985 comes alive.. this song is on that album.. enjoy

update – DEAR ENEMY – ransom note

I have added a link to download ransom note by dear enemy… CLICK HERE to view… cheers

BOOK OF LOVE – book of love

Hello and welcome back… Up until 6months ago i had never heard of this band and instantly like the sound and style… I like happy music, In today’s world that is full of sadness and grief its great to sit back,good wine and a good set of headphones and listen to happy music and forget the outside world for a hour. This album was released in 1986 and did not chart very well.. but , the singles were a hit in the dance clubs.. songs like “you make me feel so good”, “i touch roses”, “modigliani” and “boy” which is my pick of the album, I don’t normally like songs with bells in it ( sounds like Christmas ) but it blends well with smooth synths and happy beats… happy music 🙂
Track list is =
1 = modigliani

2 = you make me feel so good

3 = still angry

4 = white lies

5 = lost soul ( music only )

6 = late show

7 = i touch roses

8 = yellow sky

9 = boy

10 = happy day

11 = die matrosen

12 = book of love

This album was a request from a young man who wanted “happy music” as he played his games ( warning = swearing )

…. OK , Somebody needs a hug, haha … CLICK HERE  to download album … stay happy

update – my first blog – ICEHOUSE

I have redone my first blog – Icehouse …. CLICK HERE to view.. i have also added a new link.. cheers

update – A-HA

I have redone A-HA  – hunting high and low … CLICK HERE  to view .. will slowly redo posts with links to downloads ( some of the older posts don’t have downloads ) … cheers

update – PSEUDO ECHO

I have redone pseudo echo – autumnal park … CLICK HERE to view.. i will slowly redo older post with links to downloads.. cheers

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