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Depeche Mode – speak & spell

Hello again , welcome back…. I was running thru my parents house aged 11 playing tip with my brother when in the background my dad had the stereo system on triple m ( fm in stereo… wow ), when i stopped to hear this great synth sound and the lyrics of “i just cant get enough” singing over and over… meanwhile my brother had caught up to me yelling “tiiiip” and slaming me into a wall which then made a picture fall off and hit me on the head. 5 stiches later and sitting in the doctors surgery i still had that song in my head along with a huge headache.
Speak & spell was let loose on the general population in 1981 and was the only album to have “Vince Clarke” as a member of the band before heading off and starting “Yazoo” and then “Erasure”. It has often been said that the album was named after a kids toy popular at that time ( rumor only ).
My favorite song would have to be “Photographic” with it pulsating synths and driving beat, Its recommended to be played loud. Album tracks are =                                                                                     1 = new life
                                                               2 = i sometimes wish i was dead
                                                               3 = puppets
                                                               4 = boys say go
                                                               5 = no disco
                                                               6 = whats your name
                                                               7 = photographic
                                                               8 = tora, tora, tora
                                                               9 = big muff
                                                             10 = just cant get enough

Simply brilliant album… click on links to watch videos and click HERE to download album … enjoy

Koo de tah – koo de tah

Hello and welcome back… if there was a perfect electronic album from the 80s it would have to be this one.I first stumbled across this band while working my first job after leaving school in a service station. I borrowed this album from the library on cassette on my way home and fell in love.Even to this day it still sounds so fresh and alive with its moody synths and vibrant electric drums.This album was released in 1986 and the lead song “Too young for promises” went to number 6 in aust and the followed by “Body talk”.This album rates 10/10 as the perfect album for the 80s. Tracks listings are =                     1 = too young for promises
                        2 = think of me
                        3 = missed you all along
                        4 = over to you
                        5= body talk
                        6 = change my ways
                        7 = meant to be
                        8 = fun girl
                        9 = drift away
                      10 = into the future

 Please click on the links to watch the videos and click HERE to download album …. enjoy

the human league – the best of

Hello and welcome back. I often don’t like compilation albums, maybe they lack character that a original album has got ( just my way of thinking, please don’t yell at me ) but this one changed my mind.The human league is fronted by Phil Oakey who in the synthesizer world is a legend, take “electric dreams” for example, Oakey states that it is ironic that a track that took literally ten minutes to record would become a worldwide hit, while some of his Human League material that took over a year to record didn’t get anywhere. The best of album i have chosen was released in 1997 and included the track ” seconds ” i just love its smooth flowing synths and i also like “the Lebanon” with its punchy bass lines. Excellent. Track list is = 1 = love action
                                                                           2 = mirror man
                                                                           3 = open your heart
                                                                           4 = the sound of the crowd
                                                                           5 = dont you know i want you
                                                                           6 = life on your own
                                                                           7 = seconds
                                                                           8 = hard times
                                                                           9 = do or die
                                                                         10 = heart like a wheel
                                                                         11 = the lebanon
                                                                         12 = get it right this time
                                                                         13 = louise
                                                                         14 = kiss the future
                                                                         15 = human
                                                                         16 = lets get together again

I noticed half way thru that 2 of their biggest songs is not on this album, “together in electric dreams” and ” dont you want me “ very strange.. makes you wonder what they were thinking… CLICK on the blue links to watch the videos and click HERE to download album  … enjoy

Duran Duran – rio

Hello , welcome back.. I remember finding “Duran Duran – Rio” album while on holiday, I was in Forster NSW and was in a $2 shop ( i love those places ) and i almost choked when stumbling across this album for $9.95… best $10 ever spent, and as i continued up the north coast on a toasty 32deg day with a cool coastal breeze and “duran duran” playing  loud in the background…aaaahhhh bliss. Rio was let loose in may 1982 and was a instant hit reaching no1 in Australia.My favorite song has to be “hold back the rain” with its electric sounding synths and the crack of  electric drums.. Simply brilliant. Track listings are =    1= rio
                                                            2 = my own way
                                                            3 = lonely in your nightmare
                                                            4 = hungry like the wolf
                                                            5 = hold back the rain
                                                            6 = new religion
                                                            7 = last chance on the stairway
                                                            8 = save a prayer
                                                            9 = the chauffeur

click on the links to watch videos… enjoy

Dear Enemy – Ransom note

Greetings once again… I remember back around 1984 when 2SM used to crank out the loudspeakers at school, i was playing a mean game of dodge ball when suddenly this amazing song was playing. This song was turned out to be “dear enemy  – computer one “. I stopped dead in my tracks to savour the sweeping syths and catchy guitar riffs only to end suddenly as a ball throw quite hard hit me in the back of the head… OUCH.., But i was hooked and the album ransom note has been a big favorite of mine since. Track listings are =       1 =  computer one
                                                 2 = the good life
                                                 3 = talking to you
                                                 4 = all throught the night
                                                 5 = kids on the street
                                                 6 = on the line
                                                 7 = restless
                                                 8 =bit of your heart
                                                 9 = day to day

click on the song links to watch the videos and  CLICK HERE to download album… many thanks to rock on vinyl blog for the link … enjoy

a-ha – hunting high and low

Hello again and welcome…Staying in Europe, the Norwegian band A-ha is a love of mine.The voice of Morten Harket is simply golden backed up with punchy synths this band was huge. In 1985 the band released “hunting high and low” their first album and the video clip of “take on me” was ahead of its time.The comic strip comes to life in a love tale like no other and i often get chills as morten slams himself into the wall at the end.. Powerful stuff … Track listings are  =

1 = take on me

2 = train of thought

3 = hunting high and low

4 = blue sky ( live )

5 = living a boys adventure tale

6 = sun always shines on tv

7 = and you tell me ( live )

8 = love is reason ( live )

9 = dream myself alive

10 = here i stand and face the rain

Excellent album ….  CLICK HERE to download album.. many thanks to for the link.. enjoy

fancy – flames of love

Hello and welcome… Another of my favorite albums is by a German bloke called Fancy ( aka – Manfred alois perilano ). I found his music by mistake on a bolero mix album and liked instantly the song flames of love. Golden vocals and moody synths made this song a huge hit not so in Australia but in Europe.The album “flames of love” was released in 1988. There are only 9 tracks on the album but every song is excellent. .Track list is =

1 = flames of love ( live )

2 = moscow is calling

3 = i can’t live without you

4 = whats your name

5 = bodyguard

6 = spy in the night

7 = tonight the devil wins my soul

8 = blue eyes lady

9 = china blue

Oh so 80s italo dance.. how i miss those days.. CLICK HERE  to download album …many thanks to for the links … cheers

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