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DEAD OR ALIVE – thats the way i like it ( best of )

Hello and welcome back… Spanning all the 80s hits, this compilation from “Dead or alive” covers all the best songs that i grew up with. I also like the sound quality of the album… sounds very clear and polished. Dead or alive front-man “Pete Burns” has to me, one of the best voices and it reins supreme in this best of,which includes hits like “spin me round”, “my heart goes bang”, “brand new lover”, “save you all my kisses”, and my pick of the album “brand new lover” with its melodic synths and lyrics you can sing to.. this is a brilliant album… Must say a special thanks to for the link… his selection of music is mind blowing, Make sure if you download this album to say thanks for his brilliant work.. It only takes 2 seconds of your time.. cheers
Track listings are =
1 = spin me round ( like a record )

2 = that’s the way i like it

3 = lover come back to me

4 = in too deep

5 = my heart goes bang ( get me to the doctor ) ( live – not on album  )

6 = brand new lover

7 = something in my house

8 = hooked on love ( live – not on album )

9 = i’ll save you all my kisses

10 = turn around and count to ten

11 = come home with me baby

12 = misty circles

13 = what i want

14 = i’d do anything

15 = lover come back to me ( extended mix )

16 = my heart goes bang ( American “wipe-out” mix )

17 = something in my house ( mortevicar mix )

18 = spin me round (like a record) ( murder mix )

Simply excellent music…. CLICK HERE to download… Make a note of the password, you may need it.. Enjoy

ROUGH TRADE – all touch ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back… What a great song.. The sexually charged “all touch” was sung by the Canadian band ” Rough Trade ” and was their first 1981 U.S hit. The lead singer ( Carole Pope ) has one of the best raunchy voices in music ( i think ) which matched her attire sometimes , often seen strutting the stage in her bondage gear and singing lesbian themes… You go girl… compared to some of her other videos, this is quiet tame.. cheers

SO many memories .. CLICK HERE to download the album ” for those who think young ” and album “shaking the foundations “… Massive thanks to “” for the links.. enjoy


Hello and welcome back… Possibly the best era for music.. Ever.( me thinks ).. for me, As a synth loving dude, i loved this era.. The “new romantic” era starting roughly 1980 – 84 and with punk now dead ( kind of )..clubs around London  ( Blitz & st Moritz ) started to cater for a different taste, fronted by heavy synths, big hair and puffy pirate shirts … Bands like “Adam & the ants”, “spandau ballet”, “ABC”, and “Duran Duran” took to this scene like a duck to water… In Australia we had similar bands ( “real life”, “pseudo echo”, “dear enemy” and “kids in the kitchen” ) that were sort of in this “new romantic” category.. So i have decided, for your musical pleasure to look at my top 10 “New romantic” bands and remember the best era of synth music.. enjoy..

No 1 = VISAGE – fade to grey

click here to download album .. big thank you to for the link.

No 2 = SPANDAU BALLET = cut a long story short

click here to download album.. thanks to for the link

No 3 = DURAN DURAN – girls on film ( naughty version ) ( warning – nudity )

click here to download album.. big thanks to for the link

no 4 = CLASSIX NOUVEAUX – guilty

click here to download album… special thanks to for the link

no 5 – ADAM & THE ANTS – stand and deliver

click here to download “best of “album.. massive thanks to for the link

no 6 = JAPAN – quiet life

click here to download ” best of ” album … special thanks to for the link

no 7 = HEAVEN 17 – temptation

click here to download album.. thanks to for the link

no 8 = TRANS X – message on my radio

click here to download album.. massive thanks to for the link

no 9 = KAJAGOOGOO – too shy

click here to download… big thank you to for the link.

no 10 = ULTRAVOX – the voice

click here to download “best of” album.. huge thanks to for the link

Again … my request goes out for a time machine .. ANYONE ???.. Maybe one day in the future or was that the past.. cheers.
Comments are welcome.. PLEASE let me know what you think.. thanks

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