an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… One of the biggest albums from the 80s would have been from this band. Thompson twins was named after the detectives in the comic series “tintin” ( one of my favorite comics when i was a young lad )..and released this album in 1984 where it went no1 in the U.K.
For me , i found it hard to get into this album, it was different.. with more percussion than synth, but with heavy playing on “mtv” & “countdown” it grew on me. Band members Tom Bailey ( no relation to me..” i wish ” ) and Alannah Currie with Joe Leeway set the scene to this album with songs like “you take me up”, “sister of mercy”, “hold me now” and “doctor doctor” which is my pick of the album with its classic beeps of synth and lyrics you can sing to, its a classic 80s feel good song. Another thing feel good.. Tom and Alannah got married and are living in New Zealand.. Another happy ending.
Track listings are =

1 = doctor doctor

2 = you take me up

3 = day after day

4 = sister of mercy

5 = no peace for the wicked

6 = the gap

7 = hold me now

8 = storm on the sea

9 = who can stop the rain

An 80s classic … CLICK TO DOWNLOAD album… Massive thanks to for the links ( make sure you thank him when you download.. he is a legend ) .. cheers

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