an electronic mix of 80s synth


Hello and welcome back… Probability one of stock, aitken and waterman’s biggest prodigy’s.. “Kylie Minogue” was the cute girl next door heading for stardom. As an early neighbour’s fan i knew Kylie as “Charlene”.. the fresh faced babe in love with scott ( Jason Donavon ). Kylie’s self named album was born with the song “the loco-motion” as the main hit, .but also had other’s including “i should be so lucky”,” got to be certain” and my pick of the album…” je ne sais pas pourquoi” ( i don’t know why – english translation )..with Kylie singing in french this is one of my favourite songs… so beautiful.
Track listing are =

 1 = i should be so lucky

2 = the loco-motion

3 = je ne sais pas pourquoi

4 = it’s no secret

5 = got to be certain

6 = turn it into love

7 = i miss you

8 = i’ll still be loving you

9 = look my way

10 = love at first sight

Excellent album… CLICK HERE to download album… Huge thanks to for the links … cheers

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