an electronic mix of 80s synth

ERASURE – pop 20 hits

Hello and welcome back… Fronted by one of the biggest legends in electronic music “Vince Clarke” ( in-case you have been sleeping under a rock.. Vince Clarke is also behind bands “depeche mode” and “yazoo” ), Erasure has been at the front of pioneering the best of synth music for several decades. “Vince” along with “Andy Bell” on vocals has had a slather of hits and this album captures the essence of who “Erasure” are. This album also went no1 in the U.K. and includes the hits like “oh l’amour”, “sometimes”, “you surround me”, “take a chance on me”( Abba remake ) and my pick of the album “drama”… with is moody synths and punchy beats its a track i simply never get tired of listening to.. enjoy
Track listing are =
 1 = who needs love like that

2 = heavenly action

3 = oh l’amour

4 = sometimes

5 = it doesn’t have to be

6 = victim of love

7 = the circus

8 = ship of fools

9 = chains of love

10 = a little respect

11 = stop

12 = drama

13 = you surround me

14 blue savannah

15 = star

16 = chorus

17 = love to hate you

18 = am i right

19 = breath of life ( my second pick of the album : ) )

20 = take a chance on me

21 = who needs love like that ( hamburg mix )

Simply Amazing… CLICK HERE to download… password =
A big thank you to for the link .. cheers

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