an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… Known as the haircut bands ( kids in the kitchen, pseudo echo, dear enemy ) “real life” burst onto the music scene with big hair and a huge hit called “send me an angel”. It was a snappy new wave/ synthpop song that launched them into the spotlight. For me i was in heaven … i loved this type of music and it put many aussie bands on the map.. The pub/ club scene was massive and often sorted the boys from the men, and these new haircut bands could really show what they were made of ( haircut bands because many of them were hairdressers by day, musicians by night ).
Heartland was released in 1983 and had the hits “send me an angel”, “always” , “openhearted” and my pick of the album “catch me i’m falling” with its punchy electric drums and sweeping synths.. this is one brilliant album.
Track listings are =

1= send me an angel

2 = catch me i’m falling

3 = under the hammer

4 = heartland

5 = breaking point

6 = broken again

7 = always ( live ) not on album

8 = openhearted

9 = exploding bullets ( from “savage streets” soundtrack )

10 = burning blue

An 80s classic = CLICK HERE to download “heartland” ( make a note of the password further down the page.. you may need it ) Massive thanks to for the link .. it is also available to download from Itunes as well … cheers

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