an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… Irish band “the adventures” have been a personal favorite of mine since i brought this album back in 1987 ( when i had money )… They are not that well know in Australia but deserve excellent recognition for this album. Set free in 1985,”theodore and friends” had a slathering of excellent songs including “always”, “feel the raindrops”, “don’t tell me”, “another silent day”, “love in chains”, and my pick of the album.. “send my heart”, with it’s melodic synths and twangy guitars, its a feel good song. The whole album is like folk meets rock meets electronic… a bit of everything. Enjoy.
Track listing =

1 = always

2 = feel the raindrops

3 = send my heart

4 = two rivers

5 = don’t tell me

6 = another silent day

7 = when the world turns upside down

8 = love in chains ( live )

9 = lost in hollywood

10 = these children

One of the most underrated 80s band around…..CLICK HERE to download remastered “Theodore and friends”.. Its in zip format, so when finishing download, create a folder, right click the downloaded folder end extracted into new folder.. cheers.

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