an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… Yet another band that had heavy presence on countdown, Mi-sex was a New Zealand/Australian new wave band that had a huge hit called “computer games”… I found this album in the Virgin megastore in Sydney 1988 and has always been a big favorite of mine. Its chocked with hits like “but you don’t care”, “castaway”, “falling in and out”, “people”, “computer games”, “space race” and my pick of the album would be “blue day” with its moody synths and the amazing voice of Steve Gilpin.The band continued till 1984 then disbanded then Steve was working with a band called “under rapz”. In 1992 Steve was involved in a car accident and lapsed into a coma and died. The album 79-85 is a collection of 3 albums… “graffiti crimes”, “space race” and “shanghaied” and even has a best of song called “non stop sex” … Track listings are =

1 = graffiti crimes

2 = but you don’t care

3 = castaway

4 = down the line ( video starts 10 secs )

5 = falling in and out

6 = people

7 = lost time

8 = shanghaied

9 = computer games

10 = it only hurts when I’m laughing

11 = space race

12 = only thinking

13 = blue day

14 – non stop sex

Excellent album …. CLICK HERE to download album… cheers

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