an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… Countdown was an Australian music show back in the 80s, kinda similar to “top of the pops” in the U.K and was the platform for most bands to gain exposure.One of those bands was Meo245 ( named after a catalog number for German imported Beatles album ) who was a Tasmanian new wave band before moving to Melbourne and could be classed as a “one hit wonder” band. The album screen memory was set free in 1980 and had the hit “lady love”. My pick of the album would be “other places” with its twangy guitars and smooth synths, For me… this is one of those albums that is excellent from start to finish and has a sound that envelops classic Australian  music, in a nutshell… its brilliant. In 1983 the band disbanded and the synth player went on to play in the band ” the little heroes ” ( one perfect day ).
Track listings are =

1 = other places

2 = jewels

3 = burning bridges

4 = promises

5 = closing in

6 = white lies

7 = will he ever

8 = so far away

9 = generator

10 = wrong world

11 = lady love

LITTLE HEROES – one perfect day   1982

So many memories… CLICK HERE to download album “screen memory” with bonus live tracks, Huge thanks to for the link… CLICK HERE to download “the little heroes” – play by numbers album ( password is = AusSound ) if needed… huge thanks to for the links.. cheers

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