an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back – 2 things make this album stand out, firstly it took only 2 days to complete from start to finish, secondly side A was all one song made into 5 parts.After finishing Electric dreams for the movie of the same name these two giants of the synth world decided that they should do a album together and although it only took a few days,this is one of those albums that is excellent from start to finish. This is another album i found at my local library and instantly fell in love with its sound of heavy syths and the great voice of Philip Oakey. Let loose in 1985 the album had the hit “electric dreams”,”brand new love” and my pick of the album “goodbye bad times”, its a happy song full of synth goodness and creamy vocals.
Track listings are =

1 = why must the show go on

2 = in transit ( instrumental )

3 = goodbye bad times

4 = brand new love

5 = Valarie

6 = now

7 = together in electric dreams

8 = be my lover now

9 = shake it up

A 80s classic…. CLICK HERE to download the album ( remastered and expanded ) full of goodies.. huge thank you to for the link.. enjoy

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