an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… One of my most favourite new romantic bands was Visage… I like the raw synth sound they seemed to have, similar to “Ultravox”, “Japan” and “John Foxx”. This was another album i found at my local library ( i visited the library alot, not many friends ) and instantly loved the sound. I remember “fade to grey” was huge on radio and i boasted to my few friends that i could speak french after listening to this so many times, strangely i found i lost more friends because nobody knew what i was saying and though i was weird. This album includes “we move”,”the anvil” , “fade to grey” and the “damned don’t cry” which is my pick of the album.. I love the sweeping synths, its so chic, so new romantic….
Track listings are =

1 = fade to grey

2 = mind of a toy

3 = visage

4 = we move

5 = tar ( live )

6 = in the year 2525

7 = the anvil

8 = night train

9 = pleasure boys

10 = the damned don’t cry

11 = love glove

12 = fade to grey ( bassheads remix )

Aaahh, so many memories… CLICK HERE to download the album.. Big thank you to for the link.. enjoy

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