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A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS – flock of seagulls

Hello and welcome back … I have fond memories of this band, first heard them on triple m FM Sydney in stereo ( mono was all the rage ) … I love the flock of seagulls,they had a sound that was unique and really stood out.The song  “I ran” was there biggest song with a string of others like “space age love song” ,& “telecommunication”. Can’t go past “i ran” which is my pick on this album, it was a song way ahead of its time with its sweeping guitars and smooth synths… its a song i never get sick of hearing. Track listing is =

1 = i ran ( so far away )

2 = space age love song

3 = you can run

4 = don’t ask me

5 = messages

6 = telecommunication ( live )

7 = modern love is automatic

8 = standing in a doorway

9 = d.n.a

10 = man made

rock with da flock.. haha … CLICK HERE  to download album … 
many thanks to for the link … enjoy

Naked Eyes – burning bridges

Hello again… This album was one i found when scouting 2nd hand shops in Sydney.. I already had heard of “always there to remind me” so its often a gamble to part with your money when the rest of the album could be a dud.. Not so with this album, smooth harmony’s with catchy synth sounds makes this album money well spent. Set free in 1983 this was naked eyes first album and the first single “something to remind me” went to top 10 in the U.S
 Other songs include “emotion in motion”, “promises promises” and “voices in my head” which is my pick of the best song. With sweeping synths and kick’n electric drums makes for a classic album. Track listing is =

1 = voices in my head

2 = i could show you how

3 = a very hard act to follow

4 = always something there to remind me

5 = fortune and fame

6 = could be

7 = burning bridges

8 = emotion in motion

9 = low life

10 = the time is now

11 = when the lights go out

12 = promises promises

to download CLICK HERE  the password is =
 Many thanks to this website to make this link possible.. visit for more 80s goodness =  … enjoy

New Order – substance 1987

Hello and welcome back… If there was ever an award for legend status of an album it would have to be this album. Back in the late 80s i became a bike riding nut… I rode everywhere and to ride you need good tunes.. i nearly wore this tape out, packed with massive dance tunes it enabled me to get up the meanest of hills .New Order formed after the death of frontman “Ian Curtis” as the band know as joy division. Substance 1987 is a 2 album compilation of  12″ mixes of previous hits and their b sides, with the new single “true faith” and the b side “1963” and was one of the first albums released in dat ( digital audio tape ) format. The singles “blue monday”, “shellshock” ( pretty in pink movie ),”bizarre love triangle” and “the perfect kiss” were all in this album and it sold over 1 million records in the u.s.a. alone … HUGE .. My favorite song would have to be “kiss of death” with its pulsing synths and the occasional frog sound … aahhh love froggies haha. Track listings are =

1 = ceremony

2 = everything’s gone green

3 = temptation

4 = blue monday

5 = confusion

6 = thieves like us

7 = the perfect kiss

8 = sub-culture

9 = shellshock

10 = state of the nation

11 = bizarre love triangle

12 = true faith

1 = in a lonely place

2 = procession

3 = mesh

4 = hurt

5 = the beach

6 = confused

7 = lonesome tonight

8 = murder

9 = thieves like us ( instrumental )

10 = kiss of death

11 = shame of the nation

12 = 1963

A musical masterpiece … CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and make a note of the password on that page or support the artist and purchase the album from itunes … enjoy

Men without hats – greatest hats

Hello and welcome back… Who could forget the safety dance.. it was so catchy but they were far from a one hit wonder. This was another band that i found in my local library and then went and brought the tape ( $7.95 at brashes ) but lost it a week later, moving one year i found it and relived the magic that was “men without hats”. I chose this compilation because it covers all their best work in one go,this album was released in 1997 and had hits like “safety dance”, “Antarctica”, “i got the message” and “pop goes the world”. My favorite would be “where do the boys go?” with its melodic synths and driving beats its one song i never get sick of… happy music
Track listings are =
1 = safety dance

2 = living in china

3 = Antarctica ( live )

4 = i got the message ( live )

5 = i like

6 = where do the boys go

7 = freeways

8 = pop goes the world

9 = on Tuesday

10 = sideways

11 =editions of you

 SORRY , could not go past this … remake of safety dance by glee cast ( Artie ), some remakes suck but this is brilliant ..

hope you enjoy … CLICK HERE to download album.. If you like this site and have a request let me know… thanks

Top 10 favorite songs

Hello and welcome back …. it still amazes me that loving 80s music so much that there are still songs/bands that i have never heard of, so i have compiled my favorite top 10 of songs you probably never heard of… these are songs i never get bored of listening to … hope you like

1 = SCARY THIEVES – dying in vain

2 = I START COUNTING – letters to a friend

3 = FM – just like you

4 = RATIONAL YOUTH – no more & no less

5 = STABILIZERS – tyranny

6 = BLUE ZOO – forgive & forget

7 = THE ROARING BOYS -house of stone

8 = NEW MUSIK – straight lines

9 = TRANS-X  – message on the radio

10 = STABILIZERS –  ( if i ) found rome

WOW .. i had so much fun putting this together.. so much music, so little time .. enjoy

S’express – original soundtrack

Hello and welcome back… Back in the late 80s i worked in a air-conditioning factory in Enfield NSW, starting at 6.30 in the morning i had lots of time traveling from my home in Campbelltown NSW… during the afternoon while waiting for the train i would often reside at the local record store which is where i came across this album. The name S’express means “victim of the ghetto” and was fronted by dj / remixer mark moore, the album charted at top 5 in the U.K. This version is a re-release of a previous album called “theme of s’express” it now has 2 new songs “superfly guy” and “music lover”. My favorite song would be “pimps, pushers & prostitutes” with its smooth lyrics and punchy beats its the kind of song i would imagine driving in my Mercedes, sunroof open and cruising the city streets at 1am… Worthy note this song was also used in a Honda commercial a few years back.. smooth
Track listings are =
1 = overture / theme from s’express

2 = l’age du gateau

3= can you feel me

4= superfly guy

5 = blow me another lollipop

6 = hey music lover

7 = pimps, pushers & prostitutes

8 = special and golden

9 = coma

Hard album to find links to… CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD its in 2 parts so you will need to download both parts to extract … its a slightly different album than the one previewed but should give you a rough idea…also try itunes its available there ..  enjoy

Soft Cell – non stop erotic cabaret

Hello again and welcome back… This album is another that i found at my local library as a young lad… came home, put the tape into my aiwa stereo system and cranked it up… That was until the song “sex dwarf” came on and my mother came barging into my room yelling “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT – TURN IT OFF”.. mind you i was 11 at the time and it was the 80s. Non-stop erotic cabaret was let fly in 1981 and had the huge hit “tainted love” which radio stations loved, and also “bedsitter” & “say hello,wave goodbye”. Most of the instruments used in this album was ether borrowed or of cheap quality but the results were brilliant. My favorite track would have to be “say hello wave goodbye” with its moody synths and classic lyrics, i leave you with this quote from this song = i am looking for someone that is not going cheap in the sales.. ouch… Track listings are =

1 = frustration

2 = tainted love

3 =seedy films

4 = youth

5 = sex dwarf ( original video )

6 = entertain me

7 = chips on my shoulder

8 = bedsitter

9 = secret life

10 = say hello, wave goodbye

SORRY .. i couldn’t go past this .. so funny  = sex dwarf teletubbies dance

To DOWNLOAD ALBUM click the blue link .. enjoy

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