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BOOK OF LOVE – book of love

Hello and welcome back… Up until 6months ago i had never heard of this band and instantly like the sound and style… I like happy music, In today’s world that is full of sadness and grief its great to sit back,good wine and a good set of headphones and listen to happy music and forget the outside world for a hour. This album was released in 1986 and did not chart very well.. but , the singles were a hit in the dance clubs.. songs like “you make me feel so good”, “i touch roses”, “modigliani” and “boy” which is my pick of the album, I don’t normally like songs with bells in it ( sounds like Christmas ) but it blends well with smooth synths and happy beats… happy music 🙂
Track list is =
1 = modigliani

2 = you make me feel so good

3 = still angry

4 = white lies

5 = lost soul ( music only )

6 = late show

7 = i touch roses

8 = yellow sky

9 = boy

10 = happy day

11 = die matrosen

12 = book of love

This album was a request from a young man who wanted “happy music” as he played his games ( warning = swearing )

…. OK , Somebody needs a hug, haha … CLICK HERE  to download album … stay happy

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