an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello again… This album was one i found when scouting 2nd hand shops in Sydney.. I already had heard of “always there to remind me” so its often a gamble to part with your money when the rest of the album could be a dud.. Not so with this album, smooth harmony’s with catchy synth sounds makes this album money well spent. Set free in 1983 this was naked eyes first album and the first single “something to remind me” went to top 10 in the U.S
 Other songs include “emotion in motion”, “promises promises” and “voices in my head” which is my pick of the best song. With sweeping synths and kick’n electric drums makes for a classic album. Track listing is =

1 = voices in my head

2 = i could show you how

3 = a very hard act to follow

4 = always something there to remind me

5 = fortune and fame

6 = could be

7 = burning bridges

8 = emotion in motion

9 = low life

10 = the time is now

11 = when the lights go out

12 = promises promises

to download CLICK HERE  the password is =
 Many thanks to this website to make this link possible.. visit for more 80s goodness =  … enjoy

Comments on: "Naked Eyes – burning bridges" (2)

  1. GRRREAT BLOG… How I missed my naked Eyes cassette/tape. I think I have killed the tape like 10 years ago….Didn't think I would be able to hear them again… Thanks! Reminiscing the songs… However I couldn't listen to 'Voices in My Head' – the error message shows that it is no longer available. Is there anyway I could listen to Voices in My Head?Anyway.. thanks soooo much….

  2. many thanks for the input.. glad you liked , fixed the link.. cheers.

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