an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back… If there was ever an award for legend status of an album it would have to be this album. Back in the late 80s i became a bike riding nut… I rode everywhere and to ride you need good tunes.. i nearly wore this tape out, packed with massive dance tunes it enabled me to get up the meanest of hills .New Order formed after the death of frontman “Ian Curtis” as the band know as joy division. Substance 1987 is a 2 album compilation of  12″ mixes of previous hits and their b sides, with the new single “true faith” and the b side “1963” and was one of the first albums released in dat ( digital audio tape ) format. The singles “blue monday”, “shellshock” ( pretty in pink movie ),”bizarre love triangle” and “the perfect kiss” were all in this album and it sold over 1 million records in the u.s.a. alone … HUGE .. My favorite song would have to be “kiss of death” with its pulsing synths and the occasional frog sound … aahhh love froggies haha. Track listings are =

1 = ceremony

2 = everything’s gone green

3 = temptation

4 = blue monday

5 = confusion

6 = thieves like us

7 = the perfect kiss

8 = sub-culture

9 = shellshock

10 = state of the nation

11 = bizarre love triangle

12 = true faith

1 = in a lonely place

2 = procession

3 = mesh

4 = hurt

5 = the beach

6 = confused

7 = lonesome tonight

8 = murder

9 = thieves like us ( instrumental )

10 = kiss of death

11 = shame of the nation

12 = 1963

A musical masterpiece … CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD and make a note of the password on that page or support the artist and purchase the album from itunes … enjoy

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