an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello again and welcome back… This album is another that i found at my local library as a young lad… came home, put the tape into my aiwa stereo system and cranked it up… That was until the song “sex dwarf” came on and my mother came barging into my room yelling “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT – TURN IT OFF”.. mind you i was 11 at the time and it was the 80s. Non-stop erotic cabaret was let fly in 1981 and had the huge hit “tainted love” which radio stations loved, and also “bedsitter” & “say hello,wave goodbye”. Most of the instruments used in this album was ether borrowed or of cheap quality but the results were brilliant. My favorite track would have to be “say hello wave goodbye” with its moody synths and classic lyrics, i leave you with this quote from this song = i am looking for someone that is not going cheap in the sales.. ouch… Track listings are =

1 = frustration

2 = tainted love

3 =seedy films

4 = youth

5 = sex dwarf ( original video )

6 = entertain me

7 = chips on my shoulder

8 = bedsitter

9 = secret life

10 = say hello, wave goodbye

SORRY .. i couldn’t go past this .. so funny  = sex dwarf teletubbies dance

To DOWNLOAD ALBUM click the blue link .. enjoy

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