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Devo – freedom of choice

Hello and welcome back…. This album made Devo from nerdy geeks to pioneer electronic superstars. Listening to my radio back in the 80s on 2SM ( rock of the 80s ) they played the main song “whip it” heaps… to say it was popular would be a under statement… BUT, what the hell were they wearing on their heads, everybody thought they were flowerpots upside down but they were in fact power cones or energy domes to capture energy escaping from their heads… ( err.. ok they were flowerpots ) but it captured everyone’s attention.. clever marketing.Let loose in 1980 it had several brilliant tracks including “whip it,”  “girl u want,”  “freedom of choice” and “gates of steel”.. My favorite track would be “snowball” with its tweaky synths and a heavy thud at the end of each chorus.. Classic stuff.. Nerds of the world rejoice.
Track listing is =
1 = girl u want

4 = snowball

5 = ton o’ luv

6= freedom of choice

7 = gates of steel

8= cold war

9= don’t you know

10 = that’s pep

11 = mr b’s ballroom

12 = planet earth

 An excellent album.. CLICK HERE to download album .. also if you enjoy what you read please leave a comment and remember, if you like what you hear then go out and buy the album … keep the dream alive .. Enjoy

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