an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back – In the late 80s i was lucky enough to go to World Expo 88 in Brisbane Australia… I had just turned 18 so i thought i would go to a nightclub and remember walking in to a packed room with the pet shop boys playing “always on my mind”. The sound was amazing…
Introspective was let loose in 1988 and is mainly various song that had a dance feel to them.. There is only 6 songs but sometimes as in this case its enough to not get bored as each song goes for 6 – 8 minutes. The album had hits like “left to my own devices” and “domino dancing”.My favorite song would have to be “always on my mind” with its sweeping synths and throbbing beats its best played LOUD
Track lists are =
 1 = left to my own devices

2 = i want a dog

3 = domino dancing

4 = i’m not scared

5 = always on my mind

6 = its alright

AAHHHH… I miss my nightclubbing days CLICK HERE to download album …. enjoy

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