an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back…O.K brace yourself , time to get emotional, If there was ever a album with a meaning it would have to be this one.To me this album is a mix of sadness and grief but kinda has a light at the end of the tunnel thru the music. Not every child had a great upbringing and it helps when artists like “Tears for fears” express this in their music as a kind of outlet and to know that myself and others were not alone.
 The hurting was released in march 1983 by band “Tears for fears” who got there name by a way of a practice called Primal Therapy, developed by the American psychologist Arthur Janov 
The album shot to number1 in the u.k and had songs “mad world”, “change” and my favorite “pale shelter” which is kinda like a love song referring to ones parents rather than about a girl.. I love the twangy guitars and soothing synths.. Its like a breath of fresh air.
 Track listings are =                  1 = the hurting
                                                  2 = mad world
                                                  3 = pale shelter
                                                  4 = ideas as opiates
                                                  5 = memories fade
                                                  6 = suffer the children
                                                  7 = watch me bleed
                                                  8 = change
                                                  9 = the prisoner
                                                10 = start of the breakdown

A brilliant and emotional album. Clink on the links to watch videos and click HERE to download album  … enjoy

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