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Depeche Mode – speak & spell

Hello again , welcome back…. I was running thru my parents house aged 11 playing tip with my brother when in the background my dad had the stereo system on triple m ( fm in stereo… wow ), when i stopped to hear this great synth sound and the lyrics of “i just cant get enough” singing over and over… meanwhile my brother had caught up to me yelling “tiiiip” and slaming me into a wall which then made a picture fall off and hit me on the head. 5 stiches later and sitting in the doctors surgery i still had that song in my head along with a huge headache.
Speak & spell was let loose on the general population in 1981 and was the only album to have “Vince Clarke” as a member of the band before heading off and starting “Yazoo” and then “Erasure”. It has often been said that the album was named after a kids toy popular at that time ( rumor only ).
My favorite song would have to be “Photographic” with it pulsating synths and driving beat, Its recommended to be played loud. Album tracks are =                                                                                     1 = new life
                                                               2 = i sometimes wish i was dead
                                                               3 = puppets
                                                               4 = boys say go
                                                               5 = no disco
                                                               6 = whats your name
                                                               7 = photographic
                                                               8 = tora, tora, tora
                                                               9 = big muff
                                                             10 = just cant get enough

Simply brilliant album… click on links to watch videos and click HERE to download album … enjoy

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