an electronic mix of 80s synth

Koo de tah – koo de tah

Hello and welcome back… if there was a perfect electronic album from the 80s it would have to be this one.I first stumbled across this band while working my first job after leaving school in a service station. I borrowed this album from the library on cassette on my way home and fell in love.Even to this day it still sounds so fresh and alive with its moody synths and vibrant electric drums.This album was released in 1986 and the lead song “Too young for promises” went to number 6 in aust and the followed by “Body talk”.This album rates 10/10 as the perfect album for the 80s. Tracks listings are =                     1 = too young for promises
                        2 = think of me
                        3 = missed you all along
                        4 = over to you
                        5= body talk
                        6 = change my ways
                        7 = meant to be
                        8 = fun girl
                        9 = drift away
                      10 = into the future

 Please click on the links to watch the videos and click HERE to download album …. enjoy

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