an electronic mix of 80s synth

Hello and welcome back. I often don’t like compilation albums, maybe they lack character that a original album has got ( just my way of thinking, please don’t yell at me ) but this one changed my mind.The human league is fronted by Phil Oakey who in the synthesizer world is a legend, take “electric dreams” for example, Oakey states that it is ironic that a track that took literally ten minutes to record would become a worldwide hit, while some of his Human League material that took over a year to record didn’t get anywhere. The best of album i have chosen was released in 1997 and included the track ” seconds ” i just love its smooth flowing synths and i also like “the Lebanon” with its punchy bass lines. Excellent. Track list is = 1 = love action
                                                                           2 = mirror man
                                                                           3 = open your heart
                                                                           4 = the sound of the crowd
                                                                           5 = dont you know i want you
                                                                           6 = life on your own
                                                                           7 = seconds
                                                                           8 = hard times
                                                                           9 = do or die
                                                                         10 = heart like a wheel
                                                                         11 = the lebanon
                                                                         12 = get it right this time
                                                                         13 = louise
                                                                         14 = kiss the future
                                                                         15 = human
                                                                         16 = lets get together again

I noticed half way thru that 2 of their biggest songs is not on this album, “together in electric dreams” and ” dont you want me “ very strange.. makes you wonder what they were thinking… CLICK on the blue links to watch the videos and click HERE to download album  … enjoy

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